301 Kenwood Parkway Multifamily Housing, Minneapolis, MN

CityHomes on Park, Minneapolis, MN
A preliminary master plan was developed with design and development guidelines to assist the Phillips Park Initiative to proceed with the redevelopment of four square blocks within the Phillips neighborhood. The project included the construction of new housing, as well as the restoration of existing housing. [2003

Near Northside Urban Redevelopment Project, Minneapolis, MN

North Quadrant Housing, Phases I, II, III, and IV, St. Paul, MN
This new, mixed use residential neighborhood was developed in five phases, creating the largest of the urban villages envisioned in the “Saint Paul on the Mississippi Framework Plan”. The design focused on a high-quality public realm that integrated the new development into the historic fabric of Lowertown, the warehouse district immediately south of North Quadrant. One of the many challenges faced with the urban infill project was the creation of “green streets” using planting technologies such as structural soils to grow healthier street trees. The interior courtyards are located over subsurface parking, so green roof technologies were employed to insure good plant environments. The project is an outstanding example of a public-private partnership; the team was retained by both the City and developers to design a cohesive public realm. Bob was part of an internationally-led team that developed the Saint Paul Framework Plan and remained actively engaged with both public and private sector projects that were an outgrowth of that vision plan for over a decade.

Numerous single family residences

Upper Landing Housing Master Plan, St. Paul, MN
Located on a superfund site in the Mississippi River floodplain, the master plan required extensive interaction with FEMA and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, as well as Xcel Energy, who has an adjacent power plant. The master plan developed a pattern of streets and blocks for the new community development. Final design for the streets was developed in concert with private and public initiatives in the area including Upper Landing Park, Chestnut Plaza, and a regional trail that passes through the development. 2007.

Urban Village Housing, Minneapolis, MN

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